iPhone App开发实战手册
Craig Hockenberry
高京, 历勤勇, 施迪宏 译

· 了解开发iPhone应用的工具
· 完成好设计之后再编码
· 利用Xcode和Interface Builder构建复杂应用
· 决定如何树立应用的品牌,及在真实世界中对其进行beta测试
· 提交产品,跟踪销售数据,然后建立强大的客户跟踪

Craig Hockenberry
书名:iPhone App开发实战手册
作者:Craig Hockenberry
译者:高京, 历勤勇, 施迪宏 译
原版书书名:iPhone App: The Missing Manual
原版书出版商:O'Reilly Media
Craig Hockenberry
Craig Hockenberry has been designing award-winning software
for over 30 years. He is currently a principal at the Iconfactory, a
company that has been changing the face of the computers since
1996. Their work includes the design and production of icons for
Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, and other leading software companies.
Craig almost didn’t buy an iPhone. But a mere five minutes at his
local Apple store convinced him that he was holding the future in his hands. Shortly
thereafter, curiosity
led to a hacked iPhone where he could run his own applications.
Apple’s introduction of the App Store let Craig and his fellow factory workers share
that software with the rest of the world.
Since those early days, the Iconfactory (www.iconfactory.com) has released many
groundbreaking and successful titles for the iPhone, including Twitterrific, Frenzic,
Ramp Champ, and Pickin’ Time. The company has also contributed design work to
many other leading apps.
Craig loves writing and hopes you will learn to share his fascination with BIG