Matthew S. Gast
Matthew S. Gast 曾协助各种组织了解无线网络技术,建设具有扩充性的、基于标准的安全无线局域网络。过去这几年,他自愿在 Interop Labs 担任工程师与讲师,他在那里与许多顶尖的工程师共事,学到了各种先进的网络安全协议并在研讨会中传达给其他与会者。Matthew 参加过的研讨会不计其数,范围横跨各大陆,他在研讨会上所连接过的无线网络比他在撰写本书第二版时所连接过的还多。他在加入目前所任职的无线局域网络系统公司之前,曾在数家网络安全公司工作过几年。Matthew S.Gast is a renaissance technologist.In addition to his demonstrated expertise on a variety of network technologies,he is relentlessly inquisitive about the interconnected and interdependent world around him.After graduating from college,his interests in routing,security,and cryptography pulled him towards Silicon Valley to participate in scaling the mountainous network engineering challenge called the Internet.In addition to his technology interests,Matthew is a voracious reader on science and economics and a lifelong supporter of the scientific method.
Matthew is also a Registered Patent Agent before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.Patent agents assist in the drafting and prosecution of patent applications,which has been called the most demanding task in the United States legal system by the Supreme Court.Matthew has co-written two patent applications,one of which was for his own invention.