Greg Kroah-Hartman
Greg Kroah-Hartman has been building the Linux kernel since 1996 and started
writing Linux kernel drivers in 1999. He is currently the maintainer of the USB,
PCI,driver core,and sysfs subsystems in the kernel source tree and is also one half of the -stable kernel release team. He created the udev program and maintains the Linux hotplug userspace project. He is a Gentoo Linux developer as well as the coauthor of the third edition of Linux Device Drivers (O'Reilly) and a contributing editor to Linux Journal. He also created and maintains the Linux Device Driver Kit. He currently works for SUSE Labs/Novell,doing various Linux kernelrelated tasks.

Greg Kroah-Hartman has been writing Linux kernel drivers since 1999 and is currently the maintainer for the USB, PCI, I2C, driver core, and sysfs kernel subsystems. He is also the maintainer of the udev and hotplug userspace programs, as well as a Gentoo kernel maintainer, ensuring that his inbox is never empty. He is a contributing editor to Linux Journal magazine.